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Welcome to Mr. Que's Science Class on the web!  

   The purpose of this website is to provide information on Science class topics to students, parents, and those who are interested in the different Sciences.
   Learning and teaching science has always been a passion of mine.  I hope to instill my excitement for this subject to each of you and look forward to a successful year ahead.  In order to have our science classes run smoothly and efficiently. 
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Dear Students:
  I created this website for a very simple reason: I wanted to let you know that there are no secrets in learning Science. If all SCIENCE seems like heavy stuff, it is. But the fundamental reason of creating this website, amidst all of other science related website, and i hope that it is not a secret at all is that Science is fun! Scientists aren't a bunch of serious, thick eye glassed folks in lab coats who think of nothing but inventing and discovering things. In fact, most of the people we know in science would tell you honestly that they have the best job in the wolrd. They would say that ther's nothing compares to the excitement of doing scientific work, and that the beauty and variety of life make every day a new adventure. so for this school year i hope this new adventure will be fun for you.
Here are several classroom expectations that should be followed:
1) Be prepared for class: have your notebook, textbook, activity folder, art materials and pencil during Science days.
Do your best on all assignments.
3) Always follow the instructions written on the board as you enter the room.
4) Do your best, be open-minded, be scientific minded and have fun!
5) If you study daily i'm sure you'll do super in your tests!
6) Talk to me if you need help.
7) The school has computers available for you to use. Being technologically literate is an important part of your education, and you need to work your way around obstacles.
8) Regularly attend the science remedial / consultation classes.
Note: If you have an educational site you'd like to suggest, e-mail it to me. Thanks to everyone (special mention to Analyn B., Thelma F., Nina V.) who contributed, suggested and commented for this month. Hope to hear from you again...
Thank you...
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Sign Language for Science Terms:

Helpful Hints


Learning tasks are listed in below per year and section.  When possible, the assignments / activities are attached and can be accessed by clicking on the underlined item.  I try to plan at least one week in advance.
Please do the following...

Year & Section

Review the following for the 3rd Trimestral exams:

Introduction to Genetics

Monohybrid Cross

Predicting Ratio

Cardinal Directions

External Anatomy

Internal Anatomy

Skeletal system

Muscular System

Integumentary System

March 12 (Monday)

From our discussion identify 3 careers and create a chart consisting of 5 columns with the following as headings:

Career in Biology / Job description / Education / Skills / Highlights

Bring the following materials next lab activity:

Chicken feather, Hydrilla leaf, and Tissue paper

July 23  (Monday)

Explore Light Years and discuss the reasons astronomers use this unit of measurement.

July 5 (Thursday)


 Bring the following material for the next meeting:

Marker – Pentel pen

Light colored pencils

Map of the Philippines showing the location of different volcanoes
October 8


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Dear Mr. Q: