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How to download?
1. Identify the subject you are with.
2. Select the topic of your choice by pointing on your browser.
3. Take note of the type of download
   Act: - Means activity or experiment sheets
   HW: - Means homewrok
   Mod: - for modules
   PPT: - for powerpoint presentations
4. Click the topic of your choice.
5. A window will pop out asking you if you want to OPEN or save the file.
6. If you choose to OPEN it you can only view it in your computer and save or print after viewing.
7. If you choose to SAVE it, prepare a floppy disk / USB or just save it in your computer, then print it if you want.
8. Should you have any more questions please fill out the comment form below>
9. Be advised that every month old topics from this page will be deleted for new ones.
10. Thank you and enjoy your study.
Earth and Environmental Science

Earth and the Universe

Measuring the Universe

Stars & Galaxies


What is Science?

Biology History

Tools in Biology

Careers in Biology

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